Friday, November 27, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Its been busy - I'm avoiding work that is rapidly piling up on my desk to update here, which I've been ignoring for a while. And also enjoying my first coffee in a week, so all in all its a good morning so far!

Briony and Graeme have been visiting lately - they are in Sydney now and go back to the UK from there :( I got some excellent Christmas presents from them! One was a book journal to keep track of the books I am reading - such a good idea. For each book you can put down the normal details like title, author, synopsis etc but you can also add in details like what's happening in your life while you're reading it, who you recommended it to, where you got it from etc. Its super cool! Too bad the first book I put in it last night when I started my amazing book journal was the ever trashy "City of Bones" by Cassandra Clare. But I love it. It now sits next to my other favorite journal type thingy things, my Simple Diary by Phillip Keel and my Wine Journal, which is very similar except you write in it when you open a nice bottle of wine. mmm wine. I think that was a gift from Briony as well, so clearly she knows me well!!! I feel so literary, keeping numerous journals like I do.

The other present was a Horrible Histories activity set, which I love! I love those books, even though they are for kids. The activity set is themed to the Terrible Tudors, which is my favorite Horrible History (one of my favorites at least!). Its hilarious. Just look at how hilarious the front cover is!!!

Finally meeting Graeme was pretty cool as well. I got to hang out with him when I took a day off work where we went to Little Creatures for lunch, then went on a CUB tour, then went to St Jude's Cellars and THEN went to ALE STARS!!! WOOOO Love Ale Stars. It was good to see so many people there, even if Luke from Epic Brewery was a total knob.

In other news, New Moon was released this month. Luckily we only have to wait 6 months for the next film, because I cannot believe how quickly I changed to Team Jacob. I am slightly disturbed that he is only 17 years old, but not disturbed enough to stop myself posting a photo of him

Its heaps better than the first film, but lets be honest, its trashy as. I love it! The best part about the whole thing was when I saw the film opening night and the power cut out halfway through. I thought people were going to riot, it was pretty funny.

But the night after that I saw The Brothers Bloom with Clare and that actually was an amazing film - one of the best I've seen this year, if not the best. I love TV and films about grifters and con artists and this one was particularly clever and beautifully shot. I loved it and you should see it if you can.

Christmas coming soon... time to start shopping properly now. Although I did get Bron and Simon excellent presents earlier this week. Its a secret thought, so I cant tell you about them!