Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stolen ideas...

I totally stole this idea from Briony. But its a cool idea when nothing else exciting has been happening in my life...

Listening… to my iPod and the various playlists I've been working on. Plus Transference and Them Crooked Vultures in my car.

Reading… I just finished Ethan Frome (remember that from high school! SUPER depressing) and Frankenstein (I kept waiting for the happy ending - what part of Gothic horror story did I not understand?) and a Catcher in the Rye (I think I missed something... I HATED Holden's character). And on the side I read my new favorite trashy novel, Blue Bloods, which is a combination of Twilight and Gossip Girl, only heaps more trashy. I loved it.

Watching… Just finished Studio 60, which I adore. And I've seen a bunch of movies in the last fortnight including Eclipse (twice now!), A-Team, Prince of Persia and Get Him to Greek (but that was only because I was mega hungover in Sydney and it was the only place I could go to sleep and recover).

Buying… Not much - my funds have pretty much dried up as I've realised that I still owe $10k on my HECS. Damn you, higher education. But I did spend $96.30 on dry cleaning yesterday, which disturbed me greatly.

Wanting… A holiday. Badly. A new job. Badly. And world peace. Of course.

Trying… To pull myself out of this depressing rut I've gotten myself into. To find a new challenge. To get up off my arse and go to the gym.

Loving… ABC2 and Graeme Norton and Q1 (thanks Briony!)

Planning… on where to go next on holidays! What I'm going to wear to work tomorrow.

Writing… in my simple diary as usual, as well and my book journal! A new social media policy for my workplace, plus a bunch of papers for our Executive Management Team at work. Less exciting, but its what I'm writing!